Machine stops mid program, “NOT CONNECTED”

My machine stopped midway in a program. Spindle still still running, no Z retraction. CM not on computer screen. There were some unrelated pop ups about email, etc. could that have stopped it? When i open CM, it says “not connected”. When i press “connect to cutter” i get error “GRBL not found on device”.
2 questions:
How to prevent this?
And how to start over and pick up at my last cut? Im cutting 6 parts out of a piece of plywood. The first one was done, and machine stopped on about 1/3 way through 2nd part.

Usually this problem is caused by EMI — check by running an air job — check in w/

A frequent fix is replacing worn carbon brushes.

If you have completely cut out toolpaths, then you can disable the completed ones and regenerate the file, otherwise it’s a matter of editing the file to preserve the preamble, then finding where cutting left off at, and moving up from there to find a move down from retract height.

Ok, much of what you said is over my head. Ive only had the machine up and running for a few weeks. I looked up EMI, wondering if there is any interference from static in my dust collector hose? If i ground the wire in the hose would that help?

EMI stands for Electro Magnetic Interference. For the Shapeoko purposes it is static electricity. The static is generated by the moving air from your dust collector, the rotating bit the movement of the bit. Also important is where you live. If you live at the beach it is hard to get a spark of static electricity because the humidity in the air stops the build up of static. If you live in the desert or during the winter when it is freezing outside static is easier to generate. If you live in the desert or cold climates I am sure you have been shocked when reaching for a door knob. So when static builds up to a point it will arc across from the surface to ground. This spark is what usually causes your computer to disconnect from your Shapeoko. So there is lots of advise on the forum to eliminate the static buildup by grounding your machine, spindle (router), dust collection hoses and so on. Now occasionally even in my very humid climate in East Texas I get a disconnect every once in a while. So I have not done a lot about it. If you are experiencing it often then you need to address it. Certain materials like acrylic/plastic helps generate large amounts of static.

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Grounding your Shapeoko - CNC Machines / Shapeoko - Carbide 3D Community Site

Try this. It works on EMI issues

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Yep, i live in New Mexico, very dry and now heading into cold winter. Static is so bad, i see sparks on my shirt lighting up when i crawl into bed.

Well known problem. Two things that this machine does not like one 1. Very low humidity and 2, something else running (mainly motors) on Shapeoko’s incoming the electrical line.

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