Macros - Carbide Motion

(mikep) #1

It would be very nice to have some kind of macro feature in carbide motion. Maybe during jog mode. I’d like to be able to retrieve variables from the machine, do math, and emit more gcode. Even if this was as primitive as dump a $$ to a file or std out to a script (shell script, batch file), and copy the output as gcode to the machine, that would be enough to do almost anything.

(Dan Nelson) #2

I completely agree, even if I could store a list of known locations on my machine to send the spindle to for various jigs. I can always write them down (which I have done, but lose often) or store them in a text file (which I will also lose on my PC). Would be nice if I say moved the machine to a known X/Y, then pressed “save machine position as macro”, and be able to later press a button next to that macro and send the machine back to that known position (I can press “zero all” myself at this point). That would be fantastic! With probing it’s now much easier to “re-find” a past jig position, but not optimal like having it cleanly stored within CM. This is just a simple example of how I would use them, I know other folks have waaay more experience in GCode and could probably do much more useful things if those codes were saved and reguritated at the click of a mouse.


(Adam X) #3

While not a bad idea at all, I wonder if it really lines up with the target user group of Carbide Motion? If you need macros, head to one of the other great gcode-senders.

(mikep) #4

Depending on your platform, the “gobs of other options” are pretty thin.

(Rob Grzesek) #5

No promises, but long term we’re thinking that we’ll probably have a way to save a number of offsets.

(William Adams) #6

FWIW, I just design my fixtures around all the rapid position points.

(Eddie Garmon) #7

I do the same, except I also use known offsets such as +25mm X and +25mm Y from the front left location for example.

(Adam X) #8

This is exactly what I did when using CM. Works very well and prevents accidental override of offsets.