Made a home for my new Pro XL

Made some room in the shop and a base for my Shapeoco. Almost 3 weeks from order. Can’t wait!


Welcome to the fracas

Looks good.

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That looks very cool! GREAT JOB!
I am excited for you as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your new toy.

Excited for you! Mine just arrived after 6 weeks. What size did you make the table? I can’t find any good info on how big I should make one, to account for all parts that may hang over

I looked at the table on Amazon shown in the Carbide videos which is 48" wide with a 1" overlap on each side. Figured that was the widest I coudl go with one sheet of ply. With the XL I have plenty of Y axis room.

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I’ve been practicing with CCreate and studying the community messages. Gotta say I’m a bit intimidated with the awesome builds I’ve seen here!

Don’t be, the assistance you get here is un comparable from what I have seen. Quick answers as well.
You are in for a lot of FUN, believe me. Besides I have already seen a little of your work. I expect good things from you.


Really digging the box! Looks great, I love the color. And congrats on the new machine!

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Thank you. Matches the rest of the shop.

My OCD on display.