Made a nice looking lamp

Think I saw it on Instagram and figured it should be fairly easy to make. Here’s how it came out:

Started with modelling a lamp shade in Fusion 360 and “sliced” it to get the edges I wanted. Took a 2d projection of the model at the angle I wanted and exported to a dxf. Deleted the lines I didn’t want in Inkscape, to get the 3d effect. Initially I tried doing the engraving on the acrylic with the Shapeoko, but I didn’t like how that came out. Since I have access to a laser machine, I just did it there.

The base is part of a $10 lamp from Ikea. The arm is pretty simple, 2 mirrored pieces with a groove inside for the cable. Did that on the Shapeoko out of 8mm ply. The led strip sits along the groove and circle.

Was a little bummed that after it was all put together, a couple of the leds stopped working. But it’s not that noticeable. Happy with how it come out in the end. :slight_smile:


This is a pretty sweet idea and optical illusion. Would you be willing to share the 2d file? My son would love something like this!

Happy to:

lines clean

This is what I used on the laser. Black was engraved, red was cut. If you’re going to do it on a CNC, you’ll have to tweak the file a little. In Inkscape you’ll want to convert the black stroke to a path and use that to generate a tool path. Let me know if you need anything else!

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Great thanks! This should be more then enough information now I will just need some time! Thanks again!