Made a spoon! With my SO3

Had some material left over and am working on ideas to use it up. Used VCarve and Fusion 360. 1/4" ballnose. Sanded to 320 got it wet to raise the grain and sanded 320 lightly. Soaked in mineral oil for about 4 hours.


Nice! Love the grain.


Do you mind sharing the file? I’d like to make one

Spoon STL FileV1.0 Spoon.stl (557.5 KB)


Thanks a ton man. I have been wanting to try this :grinning:

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Is this a two side machining job?

Yes. I have put in some curves and radii to reduce sanding.

How did you get perfect alignment?

I didn’t take a picture but there are locating pins on the side face down that are milled on the first side and milled into the sacrificial board.

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