Made for wife this morning

Made this for the wife this morning. She just purchased a cobra 2018 last night.


That looks really good… Nice car as well :slight_smile:

Interested in your painting process.

Not much of a process I’m Just starting painting. This one I just painted it then sanded it and sealed.

Pics of car also please haha, congratulations! The paint looks great, edges look perfect!

Next time try using a mask when you carve. It works well, and you don’t have to sand off the top surface.

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You got you some brownie points for the car and more for the sign.

Thanks I just purchase some mask haven’t tried using it yet. Going to start with it on my next project since it is going to have several different colors.


Wow that is awesomeee Love the front end!! Stripes look killer

the dude who did the white stripe should have done a smaller stepover, he missed a bit in the middle


@fenrus Glad I’m not the only one! :raised_hands:

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