Made my YouTube channel!

Hey guys! I’m finally getting my YouTube channel kicked off. I’ve no experience video editing but the latest 2 I think I did well. Let me know what you all think!


Latest video is live!


I like that shop bird.


The shop bird needs to be in every video LOL

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haha agreed! I will definitely have him there.

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I think you have a very natural way with the camera, and I also enjoyed the bird.

So keep the videos coming and let us know when you have new ones.

Wow! Thank you, that means a lot! I will definitely keep them coming!

Next video is up. If you all liked Glitch, a.k.a. Shop Bird, your going to love this 2 minute video! :joy:

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And the next video:


Nice video and great edge work. What kind of torch did you use in the video?

For flame polishing it is recommended to use map gas. It doesnt seem to work as well with propane.


new video is live! Be sure to smash that like button!

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Very cool video on the edge polishing. I have a MAP gas torch sitting idle, so I may have to try this out just for the hell of it. Also subscribed.

Thanks man! Yeah it is surprisingly really easy to do. Just sand it down first of course. Thank you for the SUB!

And another:

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I found your homing video very useful. And Glitch is great on video too. :slight_smile: I miss my little Conure buddy who lived to be 24 years old.

What is the spindle you’re using? I’m going to upgrade to a water cooled spindle, but not sure which one.

Latest video is a special one:

And here is out latest video. This was ONLY made possible thanks to our trusty Shapeoko 3 XXL!

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Sweet. Love that top reservoir. Your best so far.
How did you seal between the acrylic layers?

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Thanks man! It definitely took some time that is for sure. I milled out an o-ring slot on both sides and filled it with O-ring gasket material from McMaster to seal the res. Works out really well :+1:

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