Made the move to CM Version 4 today

Today was my first day trying out version 4.0.409 after updating to Grbl 1.1. I have to admit I’m not sure if I’m missing something or it just doesn’t like me.
I am running this on a Mac. After start up the machine homes. After that, there is no homing, though I haven’t gotten around to playing with any log commands, as I understand I should be able to from there.
I was running a couple of test jobs for some projects coming up when I ran into something I haven’t seen before.
Set zero for X/Y/Z as normal and run first part of test project, job 1.
After running part 1 of my job, simple pocket operation. I turn off the Dewalt and use rapid position to current X/Y zero and switch out to next end mill for part 2.
After setting Z zero and raising Z to get my dust shoe in place nothing else happens.
The machine wont jog, or do anything. After checking to insure I had not hit the Z limit switch, or any others, I turned the machine off, then back on, and it was good to go again. It did this to me three times this evening, but with no problems several other times. One of the times it “stuck”, after power cycle of machine, I sent it to current X/Y zero, which it did not go to. At this point I had not reset my initial zero. To be honest this could have been caused by my ADD kicking in and clicking on a button to switch from MM to Inch on this one. I think I am over looking something, but don’t know what. It’s probably something small that I am over looking being tired. lol.
Any who, just thought I would post my first run with this version. As we know I am by no means an expert on any of this, but I did once stay at a Holiday Inn.

I went out today to mess around a bit more with the new version of CM and found that after every run job the machine has to be restarted. Don’t know if this will help at all, but… lol.