Mafell FM 1000 WS

Has anyone considered Mafell FM 1000 WS?

This machine is very silent and easy to use.

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Looks a lot like a Kress (which I’ve always been surprised by being characterized as noisy). Both are sold at:

There was a general purpose dust shoe shown at:

and they’re sold in the U.S. at: w/ a 6mm collet, and 1/4" and 1/8" collets as options and they are well-regarded in industry:

with this quote being enticing:

Mafell is better engineered. They pay more attention to details and machining touching surfaces to eliminate any tolerances and play. They also seem to be more robust and resistant to wear and tear in my experience.

I haven’t been able to justify a Kress spindle, but this may make the cut for my next indulgence, esp. since the speed range (4,000–25,000) seems more useful in the sort of work I do.

I wonder the what the big benefit is over a VFD spindle other than this one being air cooled. Other than that, it seems the VFD spindle gives more power for a similar price.

Simplicity — plug in and go, also it’s the only 1,000 Watt unit which operates on 110V I can recall having seen.

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Got it. I bet it’s still pretty loud with it being air cooled so that’s a detractor.

Great low RPM range and also like the spindle extension beyond the mount.


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Just get a proper spindle motor!

Off amazon or direct from China. You can go cheap, or spend more for superb quality.

Gives you access to ER collets that come in every possible size you could want.

Water cooled ones are quiet - I don’t wear hearing protection milling aluminium (wood though can be noisy). My water pump that cools the spindle actually makes more noise then the spindle motor. And my shop vac is now by far the loudest thing I operate.

Also you get speed control, auto on/off. A little plus is that my unit is grounded, so I don’t need to use the aligator clip onto the bit - I just put the probe puck underneath and it senses it.

Once you step away from a brushed motor, you can’t believe how primitive things were beforehand!

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