Mafell Spindle with manual tool change FM 1000 PV-WS

I wonder the what the big benefit is over a VFD spindle other than this one being air cooled. Other than that, it seems the VFD spindle gives more power for a similar price.

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Simplicity — plug in and go, also it’s the only 1,000 Watt unit which operates on 110V I can recall having seen.


Got it. I bet it’s still pretty loud with it being air cooled so that’s a detractor.

Great low RPM range and also like the spindle extension beyond the mount.


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Just get a proper spindle motor!

Off amazon or direct from China. You can go cheap, or spend more for superb quality.

Gives you access to ER collets that come in every possible size you could want.

Water cooled ones are quiet - I don’t wear hearing protection milling aluminium (wood though can be noisy). My water pump that cools the spindle actually makes more noise then the spindle motor. And my shop vac is now by far the loudest thing I operate.

Also you get speed control, auto on/off. A little plus is that my unit is grounded, so I don’t need to use the aligator clip onto the bit - I just put the probe puck underneath and it senses it.

Once you step away from a brushed motor, you can’t believe how primitive things were beforehand!

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Making a mounting plate for mine:

Almost got it centered, and aside from that and the two “test” holes the cut went fine — hopefully it fits as well as the acrylic test cut did.

Here’s the file — should fit to an HDZ and the Mafell FM 1000 WS:

hdzplate_adjusted_274.c2d (154.6 KB)

Here’s a slightly adjusted version based on a test fit of the file above:

hdzplate_adjusted_274_v2.c2d (123.1 KB)


I’ve been hoping you’d post about your Mafell soon! How does the quick change feel?

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  • Is the unit you bought 110v or 220v?
  • Will you be able to control the speed using the software, or is still a dial based control setting?

It is a simply amazing mechanism. It feels a bit like the Sig Sauer I had occasion to try at a gun range once — like something made by magical Bavarian Elves.

It’s a 220V unit which I’ll be using with a transformer:

and grounding plug/converter:

and a wonderfully generous and talented individual here has offered to make an 8mm–6.35mm reducing bushing so I won’t have to use the off-balance Amana RB-106 I purchased.

Next up I think is seeing if I can get a better finish than just scrubbing randomly with a Scotch Bright pad. Perhaps a bit of Guilloché?

Thought I’d posted a box opening image:

The thing I’m especially curious about is if there’s a standard binder which the loop staple binding of the manual would fit into:

It doesn’t seem to match any of the binders I have at home — looks like it’d take something which had two posts ~80mm apart — I’m planning on getting two more Mafell tools, so it’d be nice to have a binder to hold all the manuals.


Looks like it’s A5

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Yeah, I’d just figured that out.


My apologies, missed answering this before — I’ll have to use the dial — there’s a version which has a speed control portal/cable, but even though I aced the EDPT after taking the ASVAB, I didn’t do electronics when I was in the Air Force beyond Radio Fun., and electronics beyond basic wiring and soldering and plugging in connections are a mystery to me.


Wow, looking forward to more reports on this, especially the quick-change aspect.


(Merged two topics on these spindles)

I’m looking forward to playing w/ it myself!

A test fit of the mounting plate went well save for the two M5 holes which I had to open up w/ a #8 index drill (hence the adjusted file above).

Decided that the best option for a finish would be spray paint, so swung by a big box store on the way home and picked up a can of

as the most expedient finishing option — eased the edges w/ a file, and deburred the holes w/ a countersink bit and scrubbed the plate down w/ a Scotch Brite pad, then wiped off w/ rubbing alcohol to degrease it, so hopefully it will take a couple of coats of paint well tomorrow.

EDIT: One further concern — the mounting plate I made is ~6.6mm thick (probably 6.35mm now that I think on it) — the next thickness up I have is ~13mm thick (probably 12.7mm, 1/2") — should I make one that thick? Trying to decide if I’d want the added overhang cutting depth… would the added rigidity merit the weight/increase of lever effects? The plate is ~121mm tall, and the distance from the center of the lowest of the upper bolt points to the center of the uppermost of the lower bolt points is 14mm — worried that I’m going to recreate the chatter effects of the initial Shapeoko 3 Z-axis spindle carriage plate.


Painting went well (I really do need to make a spray booth):

Going to allow it to cure for ~48 hours — that should give me time to make a hardware store run to pick up 2 M5x12 BHCSs (fortunately was good on the two different lengths of M6s).

That just leaves waiting on the delivery of the reducing bushing which a wonderfully talented and generous machinist was kind enough to make, and working up dust collection.


Last week I finally gave in and purchased the pop up spray booth.

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I have a bigger version of that. I think it is a HomeRight or something like that. They make the big one I have and one like the one you bought. They are good ideas for keeping the mess contained and then fold up and store away. Rockler caries the HomeRight small shelter and is a little cheaper than your Amazon one. You always have to check up on Amazon. Some things are cheap and others are over priced.

Both companies have 3 sizes, small medium and large.

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Absolutely…I got the medium - so it was $40.50 from Amazon or $39.99 from Rockler.

The challenge is, it takes 30-40mins one way to drive to my local rocker, so after you add fuel and time, Amazon was cheaper…

but the actual reason why Amazon is cheaper…is because I always find something else you need to buy when you go to Rockler (I’m assuming I’m completely unique in this challenge :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

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Things at Rockler are like eating potato chips, you cant eat just one. I used to work around the corner from a Rockler store but now I live out in the country and everything I order is online and shipped to me. So you could do the same if you do not have time to go to the store and spend money. :smiley:

I keep UPS and FedEx busy with deliveries to me. As a side note two things I ordered Monday showed up yesterday which for Amazon was remarkable. Since Covid lock downs started my deliveries from Amazon have been taking a week. Luckily what I needed came just in time for me to use the parts without delaying the project. Maybe Amazon has turned the curve in delivering what they promise with Prime.


Managed to work up dust collection I believe:

Sweepy adapter_HDPE_9mm.c2d (612.7 KB)

and just received a package w/ an 8mm–6.35mm reducing bushing made by a wonderfully talented and generous machinist here:

Miscounted/mismeasured the bolts, and the local hardware store didn’t have the M5 BHCSs I went there for on Saturday, so will have to go to one across the river after work tomorrow.