Magical moving elements of design

CC is doing something as of late I have not experienced before. I can be attempting to click on a object in the design and not necessarily the object I am trying to select will take off and I find it usually in the lower left hand portion in my screen most of the time other times it will go up and always off the canvas.

The second issue is I am v-carving and eagle wing and the simulation is showing to be very light engraving. I am not using adv. v-carve. I haven’t done much v-carving outside of union stars so I don’t know what is shown in simulation. The entire size of the wing is 4.54 x 2.7 and individual feather is 1.75 x .5.

Appreciate and help.

Please send that file, along with step-by-step instructions for causing the problem on a current version of Carbide Create running on an up-to-date and fully patched supported OS.

This may not be your problem buy my laptop is an HP. There is a touch pad and I hate it. If you fingers are even close to the touch pad things go wrong. I have a wireless mouse I usually use but sometimes I take the laptop on the go and use the touch pad. Maybe look at your driver for your touch pad and see if there is any sensitivity setting for the touch pad.

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I am making notes and taking some pictures of how it looks when the objects make this jump.

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That also happens when resizing. Item disappears and can usually be found at the bottom left of the grid.
Ctrl+z to bring it back.

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