Main switch won't turn off/homing problem-tray switch

I recieved my carbide 3D last week and gave it a go today. Big problem # 1: the power button won’t turn off even in the off position. I can’t turn off the power without unplugging it. Is the main switch possibly miswired? Did the ground wire come loose somewhere? Big problem # 2: I keep getting limit switch errors from the bottom tray. During the homing process the bottom tray will keep coming forward, engage the limit switch, but the software gets hung up at the homing stage after that. If I close the program out, reopen it and try to rehome, I get a limit switch error. Please help! Frustration is setting in and I really don’t want to send this back to Cali for repair!

if you haven’t already, send us an email to support AT carbide3d, we’ll also set up a time to troubleshoot the limit switch error. Is the machine homing the Z and Y axes but hanging up at the X?
Before you reopen carbide motion, you’ll need to push the bottom tray away from the limit switch (you’ll need to unplug power if your on/off switch is acting up)

Hi Jorge,

Thanks. The Main Switch button issue seems to have resolved itself. One of the terminals wasn’t quite on correctly and was not quite snug. Without a schematic I don’t know what affect that would have but now the main button is working great.

As for limit switch issue, I’ll shoot you an e-mail. Y and Z seem fine at the moment but there’s been no resolution of “X”.



My Nomad 883 switch will not kill power to the machine. It needs to be unplugged in order to power the device down. Was like this right out of the box.

I played with the terminals connected to the box but it didn’t fix the problem. Any other solutions that I might try?

Please contact about that — I’d suggest not using the machine until they’ve verified that it’s safe to use it or have provided a fix.