Maintenance Kit V-Wheel problems

I bought an older SO3 with the intent of refurbishing it and upgrading some components. I was referred to the maintenance kit on the C3D site. I saw the kit came with clear V wheels that looked to be a bit beefier than what was on the machine originally. Besides missing several screws, I encountered an issue where the size of the new wheels rubbed on the spacer for the y axis homing switch mount. I tried to fix this by filing a flat section on the offending spacer. Today I followed along with a youtube video for making my own wasteboard to sit atop my DIY aluminum bed. All went well until the second resurfacing after tramming. The HDZ began to jerk violently across the X axis and appeared to be loose. I stopped the operation, examined the HDZ wheels and found all four cracked. I replaced all four of them, then lightly tensioned the bottom ones, just until they contacted the rail. I re-examined them all and found the top left one now cracked again. I then thought to check the other wheels and my left front Y axis one was cracked as well. When I first bought the machine, I tensioned and ran it with the original black wheels without issue. Has anyone else purchased the maintenance kit and/or the clear v wheels? I would like to get replacements, obviously. Is there anywhere to buy the old black ones without a maintenance kit?

When did you buy the maintenance kit?
Openbuilds has good quality wheels.

Mid-February. Even still the pic shows black wheels but all the wheels in my pack were clear.

Please contact us at

The clear wheels are polycarbonate, black is Delrin.