Maintenance Kits for Shapeokos in the store


Will also function to allow one to upgrade to 9mm belts, if using an older machine w/ 6mm wide belting.


Awesome idea! Shame I just upgraded my belts

Thanks a ton! I ordered my kit up last night!

I was just thinking of getting spares to have on hand to minimize down time…

Yeah, this pretty much addresses the difficult to source stuff. Some other things I’d add:

  • stepper drivers (if using a board w/ socketed drivers — doesn’t apply to a CM board)
  • stepper motor — (this is an edit) — pretty rare for them to fail/have problems, but it’s not something easily sourced in most locales
  • spare USB cable — might go for a length of the four conductor shielded wire as well
  • spare brushes for the router — should be able to pick these up at a larger hardware store, better stocked dealer/repair outlet — schedule when out
  • while you can rob Peter to pay Paul, I’d suggest some M3 set screws as well
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That’s a great deal! Yesterday big brown showed up with a package I ordered 8 V wheels, 9ft of 9mm belting and 3 pullies for $99.00. Wish I would have waited.

It’s lacking larger belt clips for the ends of the X & Y axis though, so 6mm belts looks to be a bit of a squeeze in the original 2-hole mounting brackets, just an FYI.

I have Serial #006 — the 9mm belts fit fine when I did my 9mm belt upgrade prior to getting my XL upgrade, always assumed it was a design consideration from the outset — was there a change in them?

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Well I’m glad they fit then, that was my only concern before I order the upgrade kit—it looked to be pretty tight as the slots on mine measure ~10.5mm on the flat part. Thanks for the verification that they’ll fit Will :slight_smile:

I put 9mm belts on a shapeoko that had 6mm belts - no issue with clips and not tight :slight_smile:

I read online the new kits include American made, delrin v-wheels. Are they that much better than the original v-wheel set that shipped with my 2015 Shapeoko 3?

Also has anyone considered ceramic bearings for their machine? Swiss Bones bearings are excellent quality, considering buying plain delrin v-wheels (without the bearing set’s) and press fitting my own v-wheels.

We looked into the bearing specifications pretty thoroughly pretty early in the project and they seem to be significantly better in terms of specifications than the machine needs.

The big thing which seems to be an issue potentially (and which its hoped the Made in U.S. bearings address) is the dimensions of the inner race and how well it matches up with the precision shim which is used in-between the bearings.

There’s a bit on this w/ some discussion links on the wiki:

Thanks Will :slight_smile: