Makerfaire presentation: What to make?

Hey guys, there is a local maker fair coming up this weekend in Sioux Falls, SD. I’m planning on bringing my Shapeoko and demoing it for everyone. I’m looking for ideas that are simple to create, fairly fast to machine, and easy to teach.

Turner’s cubes always draw a crowd. How in the world was that made? Alas, they take some time… unless one uses something like Renshape so the cuts go fast.

Can openers and key chains are easy to do, easy to teach and can be given away.


Key chains are my personal fave.


name plaques or pop culture icons/logos (mario mushroom, tri-force, apple logo, etc etc) should be quick to cut from easy sourced materials and people eat it up.

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set a camera up and have it take a portrait and then cut it out of wood :slight_smile:

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What software do you use for that?

I have used MeshCAM for it before. kinda cool, but it takes some photo editing to get it to look right.

Have something that you have already cut before. Designing on the spot is cool, but usually people don’t hang out for any length of time, so quicker cuts usually are better for giveaways. Also suggest you make a few intricate items to just keep on the table for people to look at.


Well :frowning: t minus 12 hours to maker fair.

Ug! That’s the worst!

Got one to cut nicely, had to use fusion 360 instead of carbide create. Finishing passes setup in fusion made it work without breaking. All setup, repping the shapeoko.