Making a hex bit organizer

Previously I’ve made a couple of these using a 3D printer:

but mislike the texture of 3D printing (yeah, the folks who say this will become the new wood grain, no, just no.)

So since indulged and got myself a nifty new Mininch Toolpen Mini (what can I say, I’m a sucker for multi-function tools, and sets of tools, and miniature things):!/portfolio/tool-pen-mini

(annoyingly, I am going to need to work up a jig to reshape the flat screwdriver tips, and will probably need to replace the P2 Pentalob bit (it’s bent))

Oddly, the bit case for the mini isn’t suited for storing in their nifty canvas pouch, and I’m severely space-constrained in my current EDC toolkit effort, so am addressing that by making a pair of holders which will accommodate these:


I’ve gotten to the point where it’s easier with that file to work in Carbide Create (need 3D so as to get some dimensions for a fixture/jig right (it’ll hold the ends of the cover and allow drilling and countersinking them and rounding over the corners — I will probably also draw in some addition lines to use a ball-nosed endmill to begin to round off ends of the covers as I drew in to begin to round out the detents on the base. Hopefully will have a .c2d file to post soon, then I’ll need to work up a sacrificial fixture to hold the bases in place so as to cut out the recesses for the tools.

N.B. the dimensions for this version are different from the ones shown in the photo and will not fit in an Altoids tin (needed to enlarge them so as to hold 8 and 9 bits each) — for those who’re curious about the balance of my EDC kit, it’s mostly listed on my bike page: and there’s an album of the Levenger Safety Case which is the core of it:

EDIT: drawing updated to add jig and pockets to round off ends of cover, and svg now imports at correct size — FURTHER EDIT: updated for clearance pockets and more clamping room Hopefully final edit, removed duplicate paths to allow for room for clamps and waste when cutting.


For folks who are more into 3D:

The mininch tools look pretty cool…


It’s not as practical as I’d like (swapping bits is a bit of a pain), but it does pack a lot of functionality into a small space — usually on complex projects I find myself getting out drivers loading them w/ different bits, and storing them in a compartmented tray along w/ the relevant fasteners — every time I end up putting things away I wonder if it saved any time, but it keeps me from using the wrong tool on the wrong fastener (and I get driven to distraction by things such as my bicycle having both Phillips and JIS screws).

Okay, getting a bit stuck on the problem of making rounding passes which aren’t along the X-Y plane, so bagged it and currently have this:


hexbitorganizer_6_35mm_CAM.c2d (249.8 KB)

The idea is to cut a top and a bottom and the jig, then clamp one end of the cover in the jig and drill a hole, and then clamp it w/ a through bolt, then round it off then remove and countersink — repeat for the other end.

The bottom will need another operation — cutting the slots for the bits — we’ll work that out tomorrow I hope.

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Here’s the OpenSCAD file for the 3D printed version: (1.0 KB)