Making a sign for a wedding

i need to make a wedding sign that is 5ft by 3ft. And i want to use playlist font. but i dont know how to create the 2d cam without tracing it out by hand is there a way to do it faster?

I don’t have that font, but I have Playbill font. I would guess that if you click on the font image in the file and choose your font from the dialog box on the left of the screen, that you should be able to change it to Playlist font…? Maybe I am not understanding the issue. What program are you using?

Font test.c2d (1.2 KB)

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If you’re trying to create a vector of the font, this might be what you’re looking for, thanks to @WillAdams:

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something along these lines

You will need to:

  • set the text
  • Boolean union it
  • arrange it so that it can be set in sections — offset the path and then do Boolean operations to create two sets of paths:
    • an outline which will be cut out in sections
    • tabs which can be cut to a partial depth as one works


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