Making pinewood derby car wedge

How to make a pinewood derby car wedge using Create. Would like to make the Apollo’s pinewood car but I am just starting on Create and can not see how to make the rounded edges.

I’m afraid that Apollo’s nifty car was modeled in a full 3D program, and then CAM done using MeshCAM, a 3D program — Carbide Create is a 2.5D program.

That said, one can get some sculpting of surfaces using V-bits and such like.

Opensource software options for 3D CAD/CAM at:

List of commercial software options for 3D CAD at: (I think Moment of Inspiration is a good choice, though I’d really like to be able to justify an iPad Pro and shapr3d)

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How do you add the V-bits to the Carbide Create Library? Or additional tools?

It should be covered in: (I have to confess I’m not patient enough to watch videos, so frankly, don’t know) — there is a bit at:

There is an image documenting it at:

Hi, Looking at the library, I found that there is an “ADD TOOL” component but it will not allow any changes i.e. additional tools to be entered. It just wants to re-number existing tools.

It’s tricky — you have to double-click and so forth just so — maybe press a button? Please review the documentation, watch the video, and experiment with it — eventually it works, but I can never recall the exact technique needed to make it happen.

I agree it’s tricky and I’ve have had problems with this as well. A clearer prompt would help since it’s not intuitive.

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click edit library,then click add tool it will add a new # at the bottom of the tools that are there,double click that tool,make the changes to said tool on the right and hit save/ok


Thanks that works-----would not have thought of doing it that way.

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