Manifold for chip removal system

Decided I needed a better chip removal solution for cutting aluminum so I whipped up a gizmo in Fusion and printed it. Seems to work pretty good so I’m sharing the file. Line pressure at 5psi.

Using Prusa’s edition of Slic3r I printed it in ABS for its heat tolerance, 0.2mm, 20% fill, 8 perimeter lines and 5 layers top and bottom.

Note: the threaded holes are DIN, my fittings are NPT, Fusion doesn’t support NPT yet but the DIN spec works, just do not tighten the NPT fittings too much.

Feel free to mod and share.


Nice! Awesome idea Griff

Thanks. Forgot to mention instructables t to ensure the part is airtight.

Also, the threaded holes might need to be tweaked I.e. slightly larger to avoid splitting the print. Leave plenty of room for the Teflon tape.