Manual Jogging - Faster than Fast?

(Nathan Penrod) #1

Is there a way to make the ‘Fast’ setting while manually jogging go even faster? Yes, I use the rapid position feature but I still want to jog faster.

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(Josh) #2

I think you could change jogging to be faster. There are default values on the controller listed here:

You could maybe modify those values, thought I’m not sure that’s supported behavior.

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(mikep) #3

Yes, you can go faster, you want to set the axis maximums higher.

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(John Champlain) #4

With stepper motors you do risk losing steps (position) if you try to move them too fast. Test carefully.

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(Nathan Penrod) #5

It would be nice if the fast jog moves as fast as the rapid position. Do you think that would be appropriate or too fast? Thanks!


(mikep) #6

Sort of. You can lose steps accelerating too quickly (a different setting). If you reach too high a speed for your setup, the steppers will suddenly run very slowly, or slam to a stop. It’s hugely obvious when you have gone too far. To find the speed to can sustain, crank it up 1000mm/min at a time, and when you get to a point where you’ve achieved failure, take 20% off and use that.

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(Tex Lawrence) #7

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