Manually entering gcode for simple milling

I’ve been looking for an answer to this somewhere but I’m not seeing anything. Forgive me if it’s a duplicate. My question has to do with simple milling operations.

Let’s say I just want to joint the edge of a board using the CNC. That seems to be a super simple operation with maybe a couple of lines of gcode. Do any of you do simple operations like that by manually entering gcode? If so, any gotchas you’ve run in to? If not, any reason I should avoid doing that?

Same question goes for using jog controls to do the same thing.

one option is to use the CSV method of … pretty straight from there to gcode, but it will do depth-of-cut and proper F&S\

you can do jogging as well, just if you don’t jog fast enough you might burn the wood a bit (depending on the type of wood)

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I used to write a LOT of code…back in the day, but to be honest, Carbide Create (CC) is SO easy, and FAST, and ACCURATE (no bone head mistakes) that there really isn’t a reason.

Now having said that, I learned something about 20 years ago, watching a guy drawing a small shape in MasterCAM. It was more of a squiggly line which represented the difference between two part numbers. I asked what is that, and he said WHY draw all the CAD when all you need it that little line. Well that opened my eyes! So I use CC to do just that ALL the TIME. If I need to cut a 1x12 inch wide board in half, I draw a (11.25 + .5 ) line, and then get the GCode for that line. I do call my CGode names that can be understood later. For this item, it would be “12 inch board cut off X”

Makes sense right?


Yes! Totally. That actually clicked with me the other day. I was playing around with Fusion 360 and made all of my gcode (just testing) using a simple sketch and setting the correct depths in CAM. Worked like a charm!

Thanks fenrus! That tool will certainly come in handy!

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