Manually setting axis coordinates

Feel embarrassed asking this question, but I need to sit manually my X Y zero to the front left corner and then zero off the project piece. I think I have it figured out but if some one could tell me of a video tutorial demonstrating this process I would appreciate it. I have the bit zero and touch probe so have never had the need to do it manually until now for a 6 ft. project. My first attempt was about a inch off.

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Hi @Neal1,

It just boils down to jogging manually to the zero point, touching off (using e.g. the paper method for Z, that is jogging with smaller and smaller increments, while sliding a piece of paper between the stock and the tip of the endmill, and stopping when the endmill barely catches the paper), and then going in the Set Zero menu in CM and choosing to zero one or several axes. In your scenario, you could zero just X and Y somewhere, and then move elsewhere (stock surface) to set Z zero.

I think this video contains what you are looking for, at around the 2 min mark:

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Thanks for answering a rookie question.

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