Maple in walnut Inlaid sign on my XL

This isn’t impressive compared to the projects you all have been making but I figured I would throw this out there and mention how impressed I am with my Shapeoko XL machine. I can’t believe how easy it was to inlay this…the pieces fit perfectly with a gentle tap. I did have to sand the corners of the maple pieces a tiny bit before I glued and hammered them into the walnut. In case you are wondering, my dad loves gravely tractors, so I made this for his barn where he stores them.


Very nice, Brian! I’ll have to give inlays a shot. What did you use to finish the walnut?

Thanks John! I sprayed it with lacquer because I was in a hurry to get it finished for the weekend. If I had more time, I really like to use Sam Maloofs oil (I get it at rockler) to wipe on many of my projects, especially if I use walnut. I was really amazed at how quickly I made this thing-in the past I would use a kit from white side that has a guide that you put on you router and it is time consuming (also, I wouldn’t have been limited on how tight the radii were if that makes sense).


Cool, thanks. I just placed an order for some of that oil. I have a project where the walnut grain got a bit “fuzzy” after a light sanding, so I’m hoping this might bring the grain back out.

Very cool! The contrast between the maple and walnut looks really good!

Looks nice! I’m working on making an inlay With this method:
It’s quite interesting, make it more possible to do very small details and you’re not limited to the radius of the till since it is carved with Vbit. I’ll have to post if I manage to get it to work!

Great, I would love to see how that works out along with a few pictures. I’m thinking of trying it soon as well so it would be nice to see some pictures of something that someone has done…if I tackle one soon and it happens to work, I’ll post pictures as well.