Marvel iron man captain america shield 3D

hello all im verry new at this can anybody that as the drawing and tool path af iron man mask 3D and captain america shield 3D I would love it to make in 3D flat is easy but 3D oufffff thanks all

I imported an Iron Man mask from an stl into Meshcam the first time around for the Iron Man mask I made. You can do the same thing with Fusion360 as well.
I had to shrink the Iron Man mask slightly to accommodate the Z-height.

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I don’t really use fusion not there yet loll I use carbide create and easel😞

You’re asking for a 3D file in two programs which are (mostly) 2.5D.

For modeling this in the nascent Pro mode of Carbide Create which adds 3D modeling — go to — creating an account will allow a free 14 day (with one grace day, total ~=15) trial. “This trial is fully functional for 14 days so you can generate G-Code and try a full project.”

See: Carbide Create Pro - First Look for some more details. A video tutorial at:

Worked up a very basic tutorial (may not show best practices) at

it’s not as good as say fusion or meshcam but it’s much simpler


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