Material settings - depth issue

Hello -

I have an issue with material settings.

Double sided tape was not included in my kit, so a week later I now have thin double sided tape (not strong enough) and mounting tape (1/8th thick). I am able to keep the aluminum material on the wooden base when using the mounting tape.

However, I am unable to cut through the entire aluminum material when cutting out the wrench. The cutter goes about half way through, then completes the project. I am left with a wrench indentation in the material, not a full cut out.

When I set the Z- depth, I make sure a piece of paper can slide between the cutter and the material. This should give the machine an accurate sense of depth for the material.

Anyone have suggestions as to what error I am experiencing?


you can see it here in the video.

but other then using the double sided tape I have also been using hot glue. Just the standard hot glue seems to work fine. You will need some sort of craft hot gun to heat it up and get it off after wards though : )


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Hot glue is a great idea - thank you! I have those tools


Did using the hot glue to hold material down work for you?

Did you find out why you were not able to cut all the way through the material? Was that the same issue as the sticky tape not holding the part, or was it caused by something else?

Did you work through the other tutorials on the Carbide3D web site, any tips or techniques for new users just starting out?