Materials and cutter pack just arrived (awesome!), vise and flip-jig shipping separately?

I just picked up my material pack of blocks of material and cutters—I’m really stoked to get some parts out of the wax and Renshape, and having the 1/16" ball and square mills is going to be very helpful for the smaller stuff.

That said, I was expecting the vise and flip-jig to come in with the material pack but since they weren’t in the box I assume those are shipping separately then? Might help for everyone to know what to expect in which shipments.

I am looking forward to putting those to use—lining things up for 2-sided work without them has been a bit difficult, to say the least.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to make something like this tomorrow:
Albeit I’ll need to make them with taller straight jaws on the sides rather than the dovetail details, given the tooling I have available, and I’ll probably face the inside surfaces with some kind of texture to help it grip.

I’ve had my Nomad since December 19th but just received the shipping notice on the vise a few days ago. It is supposed to arrive via USPS today actually. Still haven’t heard anything on the flip jig but will report back if it happens to be in the box with the vise.

Hi Jonnie,

Did you back the MEGA pack level? if so, then it may be material you’ll be getting today… keep us posted!

I was a carbide inner circle level backer which included all of the extras. I received the materials mega-pack shortly after receiving the Nomad. I’m keeping a close eye on the tracking and will zip out to the mailbox as soon as the package arrives!

Just got the vise … and only the vise … still no flip jig. Vise is tiny, ships in a small USPS flat rate box!

The vise looks good though—looking forward to mine when it comes in. I’m also an Inner Circle backer, so I’ll wait in line patiently :wink:

I’ve finished drawing up the dual-vise fixture based on the one I mentioned previously—and now I’ve talked with a local shop about getting the blocks cut, so I thought I’d share an image of what I came up with:
The actual final version that will be made will probably have dove-tail slots rather than the flat-sided T-slots as shown. Also may swap a dove-tail edge in instead of the ball-mill cut slots on the work-piece jaws.

This will allow me to cut two blocks of renshape/wax per operation, and since it’s got the center bar to reference, I’m planning to put a homing pocket to reliably set the offsets.

Once I’ve got the revised final version, I may post the CAD for public consumption here :wink:

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