Maybe the most annoying of the "remembering directories" bugs which would be GREAT to get fixed, PLEASE!

I know there’s been a lot of discussion about remembering directories - and I’ve registered some bugs during the beta of v5…but there remains one situation that is remarkably annoying… @robgrz PLEASE change the way this works in a future release:

When saving gcode, CC defaults to the last directory used to save gcode AND puts the name of the last file used in the filename as well. This creates problems when you’re trying to create a new project and even risks overwriting your older project by accident.

There are two schools of thought for saving GCODE:

  • Those who want to keep their design and gcode files together in the same directory
  • Those who want to keep all of their gcode in a directory (e.g., a network folder, shared with the shop, etc.)

The current behavior supports the second…but for those who operate with the former approach, it’s cumbersome and even risky (I’ve accidentally lost an old gcode file because I wasn’t paying attention and overwrote it).

CC can EASILY support both - and I ask you to do that:

In the Settings page, add an option: “Default GCODE Directory” field which will have:

  • :green_circle: Use Current Directory
  • :white_circle: Use Named Directory: _________________________ (Browse)

Current directory would be the last directory used to either load or save the design file. This would be used for those people who want to keep their c2d and nc together.

Named directory would be used for those who want to keep their .nc in a common directory. CC would always default to this directory when it brings up the save gcode dialog the first time in a session.

Lastly, CC would NEVER put the name of the old file in the filename field UNLESS it was within the same session as a previous save. If it defaults to anything, I would think that the project name would be a good choice…but I’m not advocating that…just leave it blank the first time you’re saving in a session.

@robgrz Do you think we could see this sometime soon?


  • Gary

EDIT: I would add one more behavior: If, when using the “Use Current Directory” option, someone were to start a new project and save the gcode without having opened or saved a design file in that usage session (so there would not yet be a “Current Directory”), then I would expect CC to use the last used directory from the previous session (as it does today).

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