MC Etcher drag bit diamond quality/life expectancy

Hi All, is anyone experiencing inconsistencies with their MC Etchers, I’ve purchased the set, 90 & 120, doing engraving work on porcelain tiles and glass, at the start of the jobs/first use they bits appeared to penetrate the surface well, but after several uses this appears to have waned. Cut depth set at 1mm with a fairly soft spring setting, this is to allow for variances in material thickness thought the porcelain tiles have been checked for thickness/flatness with a DIN 0 calibrated stainless steel rule and it if perfect as far as eye can see. The Z has recently been trammed and spoil board flattened, so beginning to think these bits are of poor quality in terms for diamond!

So far I’ve used these bits a handful of times on glass, porcelain and marble all with mixed results once I’d calibrated the spring setting etc

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