McFly Question - burning the wood

I will try cutting without the bottom inserts on the next side.

I had also changed the facing angle to be ~4 degrees off the grain angle per @WillAdams suggestion. That seems to clear the small remaining edges I was previously getting.


I removed the bottom cutters, which worked well. Thank you.
The chips looked significantly thicker.
The machine “felt” the effort, but no problems.

If you try a DOC of 0.2 inches at 120 ipm and 12K rpm with Red Oak. A Pro 5 will skip a step of two.

I did red oak this past weekend.

DOC: 0.032"
IPM: 200
RPM: 18,000

No drama.

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Just wanted to give you all a quick update - I tried the following parameters perpendicular to the grain and got picture 1,

and then I tried it at the 4 degrees to the grain, and got picture 2.

First time I didn’t have the lines, and I’m super excited that it finally worked. No burning either. No skipping on the steps. Oh and I have the Pro XXL with the VFD Spindle.

DOC: 0.03
IPM: 200
RPM: 18,000


You should check the tram in the spindle. Based on photo 1 it looks to me the spindle is out of perpendicularity.


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