MDI Error: Unsupported G Code

I have a SO3, using carbide motion 3.0.355 build,

I have read dozens of posts as well as the Wiki:

This is what I am doing:
-connect SO3 using CM.
-$h - it goes home
-move the cutter to where i want to set g55.
-type in “G10 L20 P1”

It then gives me an error of "MDI Error: Unsupported G Code"
It appears that i am not the only one:

so is this software related?

There is a list of CM-supported gcodes at and G10 is not on the list. For that matter, neither is G55 (at least as of this point).


@Randy You are correct! I apologizes as I was referred to that page for using limit switches…with that being said i am more lost then ever. How do I use my limit switches to use a fix vise for wcs? can someone please give me a simple breakdown of steps to do this. I would be sooo appreciative of this!

If you wish to use WCS on an SO3, use another program such as bCNC or UGS.