Meetup Portland Oregon area

Hi All - As a new Shapeoko owner and nube when it comes to the world of CNC routing I would love to meet other users and makers in my area to discuss the Shapeoko and applications, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of this delightful tool. I actually live in Hillsboro, OR but would be willing to drive a bit for a get-together. Anybody?


How soon? I have a caregiver moving in within weeks and will quite busy. After that, it is time to prepare for the eclipse party (my house is dead center in the path of totality and expecting a “few” guests. I have 300 pairs of eclipse glasses that I hope will be enough. :sunglasses:). Maybe after all those little excrement factories…ermm, “darling children” go back to school…?

Any chance that a meet-up could be a bit closer to 97306?
Would be great to brings some cut samples and screen captures of settings (program used and bits, speeds and feeds).

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