Memorial Paradise Box

A good friend of mine’s mother passed away in March. Her mother left her sister some jewelry and her mother was a cat lover. My friend asked me if I could make her sister a gift commemorating her mother’s love for cats and her life and be a practical gift for her sister.

I immediately thought of the Paradise Box and designed and built the following for my friend’s gift. It came out quite nicely. I just wished I had worked more with the laser module in Vectric’s software to overburn the carving. Next project!!!


That is a nice thing to do for family and friends. In the past few months I have had a few friends pass away and so far they have not had any memorial services due to Covid.

Stacy, that’s a great feeling that you’ve experienced doing that.

Some might say that a box is a box is a box, but that internal tray really puts your box out in front! +1 :smiley:

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