Mesh cam pro on Shapeoko XXL

Does Mesh Cam Pro work with a Shapeoko XXL?

Yes, it’s a separate purchase, but it works fine.

It’s a great program - I highly recommend it. Easy to use for newbies, and it has a few options to tinker with if you are a tinkerer.


It just generates gcode, just like carbide create, or any other cam tool. It has a post specifically for shapeoko, and does work great. It’s more sophisticated in a number of ways from carbide create around toolpath creation. Carbide Create has a lot of content creation features in it, Meshcam does not. Meshcam has more options for generating the toolpaths.

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I guess I should have also said it is meant for 3D work - just on one side of your workpiece, or better yet it has a flip-over function if you are going whole hog.

Of course you can also do 2D or 2.5D - but it’s strength is 3D work. And that is what sets it apart from other low cost / no cost alternatives.

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