Meshcam S&F vs Doc S&F vs Gwiz

Hey guys,

Been gone awhile, as the world has kept me busy. Just popped back to do some cutting and after updating meshcam and what not I am noticing that the "Carbid wizard numbers, vs the Carbid3d supplied document. numbers are way different. Then you open up Gwizard and im getting a third set of numbers different from the other two.
I know speeds and feeds are a head ache for alot of us newbies to the cnc world, which set of numbers should I be more apt to follow.

To give you an idea for MDF on the Docs say 75 / 18 at 4000 rpm with a .017 DOC The meshcam auto tool is giving me 59.3 / 14.8 at 7800 rpm .0039 DOC Gwizard is giving me 46/13 at 10000rpm with a .017doc

There just seems to be such a big difference from each one, who do I trust?

If you are using the end mills from the recent Carbide3D chart (1/8" for the Nomad, 1/4" for the Shapeoko) those numbers are the most recent and emperically tested on that machine. Iā€™d start there and adjust for variations in your circumstances. Gwizard can help there since it does the math for the smaller diameter cutter out a different stick out, etc.