MeshCAM V6 Build 26 (Mac) post processor - not using all G codes?

I’ve got a Nomad 883 on order. While I’ve used MeshCAM in the past - even wrote a post processor for one of my machines - and will use it when my Nomad 883 arrives, I’m used to using different CAM tools.

Towards that end I’m setting up to write post processors for SharpCAM and Bob CAD-CAM (V27).

I downloaded the supported G Codes file (from the documentation section) and MeshCAM build 26 and took a look at the Nomad post processor. I’m… surprised.

I see that the Nomad supports G02/G03 but those abilities appear to be commented out in the post processor definition.

While the documentation says that the lack of ARC definition will result in linear feeds the resultant G code file would be MUCH larger than a G02/G03 for circle and circular pockets.

Is there a reason for not sending G02/G03?

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Good call, @mbellon, I hadn’t even noticed that. I can’t think of a reason that G2 and G3 would be commented out. I’ve now uncommented them on my machine. Thanks! The 883 has no problem cutting arcs–the SheetCam post I’m using has arcs enabled.

I had actually noticed the lack of arcs (which show up as blue on the MC toolpath display screen) on Apollo’s titanium pocket tool screenshot but hadn’t thought any more of it…

Thanks for the confirmation Randy!

I’m guessing early Nomads did not support G02/G03. Perhaps that made it to the field and some Nomads have the old firmware and are not updated.

This is going to make our G code files a lot smaller!

I can code up post processors for more CAM packages!