Message to Carbide3d: Importing Nomad 883 into Canada

Hey Rob - after FedEx contacted me regarding importing my Nomad into Canada, I tried giving you guys a call and left a message. My nomad has been sitting in Toronto, Canada for 3 days waiting for customs paperwork.

Sorry for bringing this up in the forums, but I know you guys are busy and I have some experience in importing goods into Canada, so wanted to give you the lowdown with hopes we can get this sorted (for me, and other Canadians!)

To import items that have a value of $2500+ into Canada (with the exchange, you machine is over $3K Canadian) Canada Customs requires the following:

  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • HS Tariff Classification number (which categorizes the goods to determine any applicable duties)
  • Canada Customs Invoice

NAFTA Certificate
In order to be covered under the North American Free Trade Agreement, and for Canadians not to pay import duties (this is in addition to provincial and federal taxes), 60%+ of the value of the item has to come from parts and labour that originated in the USA. I know you guys have this covered, so we’re good. You would indicate the % of the product produced in the USA in a few forms (more on the forms in a second.)

HS Tariff Classification Number
This is a way to identify goods based on their intended use. The HS Tariff number for Machining equipment, to machine woods and other non-mineral materials, is 8465.92 (I called Canada Customs to confirm this.) This number is required on one of the NAFTA forms.

Canada Customs Invoice
This is basically just you transferring typical invoice information onto a Canada Customs specific document, and you signing it.

Okay - all that said, here is a link to the .pdf that includes all of the information (what you need to know I summarized above!)

What you need to do is print Appendix A, B, C and D - in the above pdf, pages 10, 11, 14, 15, 16.

If you print out these pages, fill them out and fax them to FedEx (the Broker number for FedEx in Canada is 1-800-388-9479.) we’re golden. You also don’t have to do this again - FedEx will be able to reference your NAFTA Certificate of Origin for all future orders coming from you, destined for Canada.

So there you have it - please let me know when you have read this post and if you need me to follow-up.


Sorry I missed your call- I was at a software conference for a few days.

I forwarded that to Jorge, who handles shipping. We’ll get it worked out for you.