Metric tools on CC?

Hello… can someone please tell me how to modify the CSV in order to change the tools to METRIC ?? I cant seem to find the solution…
Someone has some CSV alredy done so I can modify to my tools ?? Cant be so hard to add the tools to this program, please…


Hi @R1racing,

Do you mean you have a tool in your database that was created in Inches unit by mistake and you would like to move it to mm ? The easiest/safest would be to recreate it in mm, but if you have to do this, you can edit the “metric” field in the CSV file, replace the “0” by “1” and the rest of the values will be interpreted as millimeters

(Here’s a snapshot from a random test library of mine, notice how the first tool is in Inches unit while the other ones are in mm)


Well, I didn’t know that! I just thought the values were stored in imperial and CC converted them depending on it’s own settings!

I had worked this up about the csv file and Will Adams gave me some of the values for the fields. Hope this helps. For a metric tool list I think you need to make a custom list. The “Metric” field seems to affect a lot of fields and I do not think they would be “interputed” if you originally has the values for Imperial and simply flipped the bit for metric. I think the “Metric” has to be set and then metric values input for your metric tool to run properly.

Number={Numeric Number} Tool number in library, arbitrary number assigned by user, avoid using tool numbers already used by Carbide3d.

Vendor={Text} Manufacturer of Tool

Model={Text} Model Number of Tool

URL={ } Vendor URL for model of bit, in form of hyperlink

Name={Text} Human Readable Name

Type={Text} End,Ball,Vee,Engraver

Diameter=Diameter of bit, Dependent on “Metric” setting

Cornerradius=that is the radius of a ball-nosed end mill, Dependent on “Metric” setting

Shaftdiameter={Numeric Number} Diameter of bit shaft, Dependent on “Metric” setting (.25, .125, 4MM, 8MM)

Angle={Numeric Number} That is the angle of a Vee endmill expressed in degrees

Numflutes=Number of Flutes on bit

Stickout=Another bit of future-proofing, that would be how much of the endmill projects from the collet.

Coating={Text} name of coating on bit

Metric={1,0} 1=Metric 0=Imperial

Notes={Text| field for notes

Machine={Nomad, Shapeoko} What type of machine the feeds and speeds are for

Material={Text} these are the curated materials from Carbide3d Tool Databases

Plungerate={Numeric Number} Rate which CNC will plunge bit. Dependent on “Metric” setting.

Feedrate={Numeric Number} InchPerMinute (IPM)/Meters per Minute (MPM) which CNC will move bit. Rate depends on “Metric” field

RPM={Numeric Number} Revolutions per minute of router

Depth={Numeric Number} Depth of Cut (DOC) per pass. Rate depends on “Metric” field

Cutpower=Future-proofing for the possibility of doing chip load calculations I believe.

Finishallowance=(Numeric Number} How much material is left uncut when making a 3D roughing pass. Rate depends on “Metric” field

3dstepover={Numeric Number} Characteristics for cutting in 3D tool paths. Rate depends on “Metric” field

3dfeedrate={Numeric Number} Characteristics for cutting in 3D tool paths. Rate depends on “Metric” field

3drpm={Numeric Number} RPM of Spindle} Characteristics for cutting in 3D tool paths


I will note for:

One can enter feeds and speeds for any sort of material one wishes — one is not limited to just the materials which Carbide 3D has done feeds and speeds for — the program queries the list of materials in all the Tool Libraries which it loads and displays that entire list.

This is a percentage, and as such invariant of units.

Will is this the percentage of “Depth” DOC or percentage of what value for 3dstepover

3dstepover is a percentage and does not depend on metric/Imperial

Will perhaps I am being redundant but a percentage of what value.

Stepover is relative to endmill diameter.

Thanks Will, I guess I could not see the forest for the trees.

Will I went back and looked at the custom tool files and I dont see a stepover setting so how is step over determined for a custom tool? I see the step over in a Carbide3d Tool


It is determined by the desired smoothness of finish:

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