Microsoft Store selling an 8" tablet for $59

It ought to work with the Carbide Motion software, but no guarantees

I didn’t have this specific tablet, but I had one similar. It worked “ok” as a controller, but it only had one micro-USB connector that was also used for charging. I ended up adding a USB hub and a bunch of different adapters to get everything working (USB memory stick, USB dongle for mouse, USB to SO3, charging cable, etc.). It was kinda a pain messing with it all, and in the end the video resolution was locked and MeshCAM and Carbide Create were unusable because they would get clipped off and there are no scrollbars to get to buttons at the bottom of the screen. I mostly do all of my modelling and GCode on a different computer, but sometimes I still want to edit something on the fly and it just didn’t work. I ended up buying an HP micro PC for $99 at Fry’s which included Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and then buying a cheapish 24" monitor at Walmart ($120?) and I’m thrilled with the results. The only thing I did beyond what came in the box was added 8GB memory for $45 or so. I know many folks use tablets with great results, but I am not one of them. Just some things to consider before “saving” money up front and buying twice in the end like I did. Also, no comparison between 9" monitor and 24", but then I’m getting older and my eyes are getting a little sucky. It wasn’t a total loss though, my wife took charge of the little tablet and uses it often. I think the brand I bought was Ematic, and it came with a keyboard/case, but only touchscreen and no mouse.


Excellent point. When I use my Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 to control my machine I use a Toshiba USB adapter which has Micro USB in (for power) and a full-sized USB port, and a small cable to connect to the Micro USB on the machine.