Midpoint Node Missing on Square in Carbide Create v743

I created a square vector, a 4"x4" square. I need to lock another object, circle to the midpoint of one side of the square but there is no midpoint node to lock onto. Only the square has a node on each corner.
I am using version 743 of Carbide Create.

How was the square created?

Has it been the subject of any operations such as offsetting or Boolean operations?

Could you post the file?

Probably the most expedient thing to do is to re-create it and delete the original.

I just created a square vector in CC. I was actually following the instructions here:

I was so early into the project that I ended up just importing a heart vector and going from there.
But I would still like to know why the midpoints are not there. They do show up if I click the MOVE icon, but I was not able to connect the square and circle because the nodes went away when I clicked the circle.

Midpoints show up as a convenient handle when directly manipulating a square or regular polygon — they are not accessible when primarily working w/ a second object.

What I do is select the attaching object first and the square second. Then use the centering tool. It helps to move the square corner to the grid. If your square is not the same as the grid modify the grid to be a multiple of the square dimension. After aligning objects move them together to desired location. A workaround but it works.

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