Milling on Curved Surface

Thanks, Neil. I’m confused about using the probe input though, as my machine (Shapeoko Pro XXL) came with the BitSetter. Isn’t it already using the probe input? Is there more than one probe input? Or maybe I need to add a toggle switch to go between the two different signal sources. Like, flip it one way when I want to use the BitSetter and the other way when I want to use a probe that I have chucked up in my spindle?

As for the software, I’ve now had bCNC recommended by a few people, including Will Adams. I had a short look at it over the weekend and now a little more tonight. The installation process looks pretty grueling. Lots of frustration in the forums by people trying to do it. Sigh…

There are a few videos of people using bCNC in the way I want to, but they’re terrible - with techno music instead of narration and blurry screens to boot. Maybe I’ll just have to beat my way through it all and then make a video myself for all the other poor souls out there trying to figure this out!

Estlcam was also recommended, as was Candle. Any opinion on those?


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