Minimum font size?

Is there a minimum recommended font size for engraving with a 1/8 or 1/16 bit?

I’m trying to do simple pocket engravings of names in about a 3" or 4" , but can’t quite seem to find a font / size that will still look good that small.

for text, also consider using a V bit/vcarve… especially for smaller (< 2") text.

and the font really matters, some are much better than others (somehow I end up using cambria bold a lot… it does well both for v carving and for normal cutout)

I make 1" and 2" name plaques a lot, with a 2mm downcut bit ( ) I get very good results
(for F&S on these bits, I use 20 ipm with a 12ipm plunge and a 0.04" depth of cut)


For pocketing text, you’ll need to select a font / size which admits the endmill — you may want to look into single line fonts:

Or, as @fenrus suggested, use a V carving, see for a guide to matching size with angle.