Minimum Table size SO Pro

I just ordered a Pro last week.
It is due to arrive Tuesday this week and I need to build a temporary table top to put it on.
What is the smallest size X&Y that will support the Pro completely? I just want to build a torsion table top to set it on.
I will have my computer and monitor on a separate stand.

Thanks for any help.


A 48" x 48" table made of a sheet of 4x8 material cut in half is the most economical, and just barely large enough (there’s some overhang by the machine) and is workable if you have separate table(s) for:

  • computer and monitor
  • collets and wrenches and tooling
  • stock preparation
  • part post-processing


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Thanks Will!!!
That’s what I needed to get started. The plan is to build an enclosure after Christmas.

Thanks again.


For an enclosure, you’ll definitely need a table larger in all dimensions than the machine:

  • Footprint: 50" (X), 42" (Y), 19" (Z)

(from: Shapeoko Pro CNC Router - Carbide 3D )


For visual reference, here’s mine at 59" x 51" x 39"



Temporary has a way of becoming permanent. I like 6-8 imches in front of machine for changing bits and a place to lay router wrenches, calipers, pencils etc. When you build enclosure make room in front for dust collection to stick out which gives you room for tools etc as well. Julien always recommends a tall enclosure to give room for maintenance and securing material.


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