Mirror an object

I have a logo I made inside Carbide create and thought I would make a stamp with it. I quickly realized I would have to mirror my logo in order to do this. Maybe this option would be a good thing to add to future upgrades. Until then I guess I’ll have to build it in another program and export it as SVG and then re-do all the tool paths.

Alternately, you could:

  • set it up so that the origin is the center
  • home the machine, clamp the stock, and then position the stock at the origin and set the zero
  • go into setup and invert the (EDIT) X-axis to mirror side-to-side, Y-axis top-to-bottom
  • send the file
  • go back into setup and restore the setting for $3

Wow. I would never have thought of that. I’m still trying to figure out how that works even though I believe you that it would! lol

simple mirror option within CC would be easier and more useful than going through all that IMO.

there is one nowadays…

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As @fenrus noted, CC now has this feature:

my bad william… i mistakenly read that date as Feb 17th not Feb of 2017… feel free to close it…