Missisng something

I have an xxl that I have just made a simple sign for just to start working with create. My material is .5", in create I set starting depth to 0. I have tried many points for max depth .25, .5, 1.0. 1.25. When starting the machine, I return to home, clear all offsets, jog to lower left corner set to 0, load the project (I have also tried loading the project first.) press the run button, it asks me if the tool is inserted (a #201 in this case.) then it starts the run and is always about .25 inch high, so it never touches the material, but it is running the full program. What am I missing? When I did my hello world paper sign everything worked fine.

I figured it out finally. I had material thickness set to bottom. Damn so many things to pay attention to :slight_smile:


Even little thing can destroy all your workflow… I spent two weeks trying to understand why my machine does not work, it turned out that the problem was in the damaged wire


do youself a favor and set up a routine of things you check prior to every single job. I don’t use C.Create so I am not sure about the work flow there. I use VCarvePro and when you watch their tutorials they are very regimented on checking all the parameters of a job and tool paths… ect. I check EVERYTHING… I preview every single job at least once before I run it… every time I make a change to one thing… I preview EVERYTHING again. Make a checklist at your machine too… aside from machine checks… make sure you alway look at your material… clamps, vacuum hose hangers… everything. Make sure before you hit RUN that you have eliminated the chances of something bad happening because you just went on auto-pilot :wink:

Think about the type of jobs you run… can you set up your material the exact same way in the software for all of them? I set every single job I run the same way with regards to my xy home position… for me it’s ALWAYS center of material and always surface of material. If you can do this, do it. It makes is far easier to check over your programs before you run them. I used screws or wedges to press against my material and hold it in place… this way I don’t have to worry about clamps and colliding into them. Eliminate as many chances for screw up as you can.

There is a lot to pay attention to but a system will make it easy.


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