Mobius Napkin RIngs

These were incredibly satisfying to cut! I got the file from a prolific designer on Cults3d. Really like this site as it’s very easy to contribute to the designer(s) as well.
Yes, it’s another epoxy project :wink:
Once I had the STL imported I overlaid a vector drawing which I then cutout to a depth just below the deepest point of the 3D design.

Filled this with epoxy and let it dry for a few days before doing the 3D roughing and finish cuts. It’s so rewarding to flip the piece and get to the finish cut leaving almost no sanding! And here’s the result, a great gift:


Those look amazing. Really Cool!!! :sunglasses:

Those look great. Some of the epoxy looks quite translucent. Did you cut all the way through or just partially through the wood. I take it you started with a wooden circle and then cut the modified H pattern?

Thanks Guy!
Wish I would have taken pictures during the process, which I’ll do on the next batch. What I did was cut the slots, from the vector above, about .60 into a .762 piece of wood, so I had about .162 left at the bottom. Filled this with epoxy and waited, sigh, then #D rough and finish on side one, flipped the piece and ran the rough and finish for that. So sweet making those back-side cuts!

I do tend to leave the epoxy toward the translucent side as the pieces just appear to come alive when handled. Here’s another pic that might help show what I mean:

And here’s a set with no epoxy, proving that I can still work with pure wood :wink: