Modal dialogue boxes/information in CC

Hello all, I was wondering if dialogue box persistence could be added easily to CC. Moving six different items around (design checking or individual toolpath application) it would be super helpful if the dialogue boxes for move and scale could stay on screen until specifically dismissed. There is a lot of unused screen real estate under the import and trace image function buttons.

Would it be possible to have values for move and scale stay on screen under that group of functions? Just a few numeric entry boxes would do the job. I would envisage that size and location could be entered directly. Location would update as items moved.

Another thing to note is that the location of a design is taken to be where the trailing and the bottom edge of the design is located. This is ok for designs which include straight edges at their extreme Y- and X- boundaries but it can be a little counter-intuitive when the design is an irregular shape. The reliance on the bounding box to centre an irregular shaped item has had me scratching my head on occasion.

thank you.


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