Modeling Question regarding editing existing components

When you create a component in CC Pro, you can specify the angle, height limit, and height…but once you apply that, you no longer have the opportunity to edit it…or so it seems. Is there a way, short of deleting the component and re-adding it, to change those attributes of a component?

You can reshape areas by adding a shape back as equal to the height of the original stock.

Sorry Will…I don’t understand. When I edit the component, I just see the ability to change direction or select a base value. What do you mean by “adding a shape back”?

I see these options:

Add the shape, use the desired thickness you wish to restore, and set it to Equal:

I don’t think I’m telling you what I want. Let’s say, in the design above, I have the M added to a height of .5 …but it’s too low. I want it to be .75. The component is set to a height of .5 when I initially created it. I cannot change that…but I"d like to make it .75. So how do I do that?

For that I would probably delete everything and start over — I haven’t had much success with modifying objects after the fact.

That strikes me as a weakness in the product…wouldn’t you think? Do you know if there’s a technical reason why bringing up the entire dialog (including the height) would be difficult to do?

Please direct that sort of query to @robgrz and @edwardrford — I’m still working through using the 3D modeling stuff myself.

I added this request in the Features thread.

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