Monitor job progress remotely

I know, I know–“never leave your mill unattended when it’s running.” That’s great advice and you should always follow it.

However, if you’re going to disregard that for brief periods and want to be able to see on your iOS device how far your job has progressed (and if you have a Mac running Carbide Motion for example), you might consider a free app called Mocha VNC Lite.

There are several web pages with instructions (e.g., ) for setting up the app to mirror your Mac.

Once installed you can check on your iPhone or iPad and see that the 56th aluminum doily you’re making is 87% complete and you’d better get back soon so you can set up for the 57th when the current job completes.

Of course, this is entirely theoretical since you should never leave your mill unattended…

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I know what you mean.
I had a couple spare old Ipods that I gave away.
Wish I had them now for remote cameras, tho you can get some wifi cameras cheap.
I saw where someone created a FREE app to not only view, but load and run your code to GRBL from any Android phone!
I dont have an Android, so I haven’t tried it.

Remote control looks like it will be in CM4 via web browser. It doesn’t have any provisions for video that I see though. Various ways to skin that cat though.

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My video solution has always been skype set to auto answer,Interested how others skin the cat @mikep

I was going to try this:
and this:

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I’ve tried yawcam and it’s a) really easy to set up and b) just works. Turn on streaming, and point it at the camera you want to use. I end up with a browser pointed at the carbide motion site (carbide.home:8080) and one at the yawcam video (carbide.home:8081) My kargaroo pc i use for running the box is carbide.home.