More efficent tool paths in CC

Am I able to assign the order objects are cut within a group in a single tool path? For example I needed to cut a 10x10 matrix of 8mm holes. When I ran the program it would cut each hole to the depth per pass then move to another random hole until all the first cuts were made then it would do it again and continue that cycle until it reached the desired depth.

I just though this was the way it was until I did the triangle test and the machine cycled all the cuts in the first hole before moving to the next hole.

Three options here:

Another option might be to parse the .c2d file and work up a utility program which will multiply toolpaths as needed.

Yeah it’s almost a bit goofy sometimes. I made these the other day:

And in two rows it cut all the left ears, then all the right ears, then all the faces, then again on the second row.

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