More Fusion 360 cloud problems - red warning bar on app

For anyone who hasn’t seen the email or the red warning bar on opening Fusion 360 yet, it appears that Autodesk has another problem affecting data integrity.

The email reads like phishing, says it’s important and demands you immediately click on the undecipherable links to sendgrid . com . I cannot recommend strongly enough that nobody should ever, for any reason, click on a link to sendgrid . com given the amount of phish they send out.

So, for people who don’t want to be phished, here’s the Autodesk support note

and the linked forum thread

The ‘fix’ of increasing cache time is clearly a bodge to buy some time. You might want to export to local f3d files any designs you consider important, but then that’s a good idea anyway.

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I lost a project because of this. Wasn’t anything I couldn’t recreate, but definitely eye opening.

That’s not good.

Was it a project with other project components linked, or lots of McMaster components or something simpler that broke?

One component drawn simply to cut a single pocket. Nothing linked to other designs or anything.
Been that way since the initial design. It looks like Fusion generated and saved a version one second after my initial save and got hung up there. I didn’t want to mess with it at the time (literally took two minutes to create), but it looks like I could open the initial version.

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That’s a broader issue than they are indicating in their bug note or answers to the forum posts.

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